Dear Guest,


As we all struggle to contend with the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, our thoughts are
with those who are affected by this unprecedented pandemic and whose lives have been significantly disrupted.


Europe, and the world, is beginning to open up now and we are happy to get our first tour off the ground in June 2021. All of our Fall 2021 tours are scheduled to depart as scheduled and we are accepting new bookings for this Fall and 2022, which is already booking up fast and will see a return to normal.

With many effective vaccines in distribution, we are very hopeful that restrictions will be lifted in most countries by the end of summer. For those of you traveling this Fall, we are staying in constant touch with you and will advise of any conditions for travel. 

Rest assured, we are continuing to monitor the situation daily and all of us at Wanderlust Private Tours are doing everything possible to be a responsible – and responsive – business and serve our guests as best we can.

Travel is essential for the human spirit and that is why we are optimistic and continue to take bookings for tours, offering our guests complete flexibility. If you book a private tour with us while the uncertainty of the pandemic continues, both deposits and travel dates will be flexible to ensure you the peace of mind to enjoy travel again soon. 


With the well-being of our guests our highest priority, please be assured that we are determined to emerge from this difficult situation even stronger, and our mission is to continue to provide our guests with excellent private travel experiences throughout the destinations we offer.


We hope you and your families are staying safe during this unprecedented time, and we look forward to traveling with you soon!


Hugh Barnes