Hugh Barnes is the owner and founder of Wanderlust Private Tours and has a natural instinct for great and memorable travel experiences. For over 35 years he has cultivated unique itineraries and taken a huge number of happy travelers to Europe's most thrilling destinations. Originally from the UK, and married to an American, he sets a very high standard, always remembering all those little details which sets a tour apart. He developed private chauffeur-guided custom tours as the ultimate travel experience. Hugh is passionate about people, and leads many tours himself. 

These personal experiences are not possible on your own, behind the wheel of a tour bus or with a tour group, however large or small. You will enjoy the personal service of traveling in a private luxury vehicle, driven by a chauffeur-guide who will make your vacation smoother and more enjoyable than you could ever imagine! You will get to know a region, explore hidden corners, and appreciate local culture, all in the time you could never achieve on your own or at the mercy of a large tour group. 

Want to trace your family's history, play golf, attend a show or celebrate your wedding anniversary? No problem, we can arrange all of this, and and more. All you have to do is show up, relax and enjoy—we will handle all the details. Our detailed planning, and support, will bring you highly personable satisfaction you will remember for many years to come!


We are a fully insured tour operator, and a proud member of the NTA (National Tours Association), and abide to NTA's Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility requirements.

We look forward to creating a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding tour for you, your family, friends or organization!